New Life Organisation

New life organisation is not for profit local organisation started as a loose organisation in 2016 but complied per NGO Act and registered with registration ooNGO/R/40 under the Tanzania NGO Act 2002 in 2019. The organisation work to empower youth, women and other underserved groups through local to global innovative profit and not for profit low cost programs. New life organisation believes that new life styles globally has induced the need to focus in innovations programs, which brings new life’s in a better world. The focus are on health, safety, agriculture, environmental, water and sanitation, education and renewable energy with local to global view development solutions

New Advanced Technology


Blue River Technology makes a number of farm tools: an automatic precision weed-sprayer, a device that trims lettuce at scale, and software for drones to analyze crops. The company once considered using a Tesla coil to zap weeds, according to Willy Pell, Blue River’s director of new technology, which is objectively a cool idea.


Drones aren’t new technology by any means. Now, however, thanks to robust investments and a somewhat more relaxed regulatory environment, it appears their time has arrived—especially in agriculture. Today, however, practical applications for drones are expanding faster than ever in a variety of industries, thanks to robust investments and the relaxing of some regulations governing their use.


Hydroponics is planting plants without using soil media, which is even more amazing not planting in the fields or fields, but there are those on the ground floor of a building that has the least sunlight. Japan is a modern country in technology so we plan also to make Tanzania first country to implement Hydroponic system . Modern technology is not only in making robots and automotive but also in agricultural affairs. Thanks to modern technology, the harvest obtained was booming, and vegetables were fresher. Planting with hydroponic techniques is due to limited land in Japan.


This allows understanding of the market and benefits from any lucrative opportunities that are available. Researchers have offered a comprehensive study of the existing market scenario while concentrating on the new business objectives. Besides, upstream raw materials, downstream demand analysis, consumption volume, and the market share by segments and sub-segments have also been mentioned. There is a detailed analysis of the change in customer requirements, customer preferences, and the vendor landscape of the overall market.

System Irrigation

The rising concerns of climate change, shortage of water, increasing pollution has brought together international organizations to take steps in planet conservation. Scarcity of water is now experienced in every part of the world. In many countries, people are compelled to go miles to get a liter of drinking water. It is essential for all human beings to take the necessary steps toward water conservation. The conventional method of irrigation system can help save water in high numbers and make your black weathered garden lush green.


The primary benefit of the ambulance remount strategy is financial. We really do help our customers save dollars. We utilize the box that already exists by saving the time and money it takes to both manufacture the shell and install all the cabinetry. And during our remount process we’re able to strip down and recondition the components that need to be reconditioned. At the end of the process our customers end up with a top of the line, quality product, as you would by purchasing a new truck.

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